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Migration from ACT! to Salesforce with

Data loading can be a frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming task, but one that is essential for businesses. The IT landscape has evolved and organizations now call upon numerous third-party applications and services to expedite a number of essential HRmarketingsales, and finance processes. With this structure rises the need to keep information synchronized throughout the enterprise, and as businesses adopt new applications and services, maintaining an accurate and up to date customer, product, and financial data becomes crucial. Extensive amounts of time and effort are placed on ensuring data is moved from one system or application to another - a task that is often done manually. Not only does this manual method require substantial amounts of time and resources, it leaves quite a bit of room for human error. provides an easy solution

To help businesses with their data loading needs, MuleSoft offers, a data loader app for is an excellent tool for end users when migrating contacts and data from ACT! to Salesforce. The free, cloud-based application provides numerous benefits to users, no matter what their reason for data loading.  Whether you are migrating from a CRM solution such as ACT! to Salesforce CRM, or simply cleaning up data, importing Salesforce contacts, or warehousing data - is designed to make data loading easy. Regardless of which CRM businesses are migrating to or from, as long as Salesforce is one of the endpoints, the process can be streamlined.


In addition to being the go-to data loader for Salesforce needs, also has Box and Dropbox integration capabilities. makes it easy for users to log in with their Box or Dropbox account credentials and enable Box or Dropbox as the source of CSV files. Only requiring Box, Dropbox or login credentials, makes data migration from ACT! quick and easy. The web-based solution allows for importing, exporting, and deletion of data Salesforce with just a few clicks, and simplified data mapping with a few keyboard shortcuts. Importing data is simple and can be done in four easy steps:

  1. Create a task by selecting a connection, operation, and object.
  2. Upload a file from your local directory, select item, or from Box or Dropbox
  3. Map the fields from the file to Salesforce, Box, or Dropbox
  4. Save and run!

Built on CloudHub is just one example of the applications that can be built on CloudHub, a cloud integration platform as a service (iPaaS). CloudHub provides users the flexibility to build, deploy and manage applications easily through cloud integration. Because CloudHub supports a range of cloud integration use cases - from data loading to complex process orchestration - businesses can create more complex Salesforce integrations.

Migrating from ACT! to Salesforce becomes a much more simplified process with and CloudHub. With an easy to use and uncluttered interface, along with cloud integration via CloudHub, businesses can be up and running in no time. Migration from ACT! CRM to Salesforce is just one example of how can be utilized, and with CloudHub powering the data loader, the integration capabilities are even more diverse.

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