MuleSoft schools Oracle on integration
When Wits University had to integrate their entire student database for an Oracle ERP migration, they chose the ease and agility of Mule ESB over Oracle SOA.

the need for custom code


30,000+ active student records


dev time with out-of-the box solutions

Mule ESB in a class all its own for integrating with Oracle ERP

The University of the Witwatersrand ( is one of South Africa’s premier research universities. With over 30,000 active students at any time it is also one of the largest. The records of these students as well as historical records for alumni are managed by a central student system operated by the Computer Network Services (CNS) office of the university. When faced with a required migration of their central student system, the most important system in the university, the university selected Mule ESB to decouple components and provide a reliable integration framework through the migration and beyond.

The Wits student system performs many critical functions and has many touch points. The system maintains all student records including applicant data, offers of admissions, academic history, financial aid, graduation records, and letters and correspondences with students. Approximately 500 users directly access the student system.

In 2006 Wits implemented an Oracle-based Student System as part of a large Oracle ERP deployment including Oracle Financials, Oracle HR and other components. However, CNS chose to eschew the Oracle SOA suite in favor of Mule ESB for integration with the ERP suite. “While we use a lot of Oracle in house, we’re very keen on lightweight solutions to problems. Mule ESB offers simpler, more efficient development than the alternatives” said Chris Baker, Java Development Team Lead for the University of the Witwatersrand. “Additionally, we’re a big Java shop and our Java developers can quickly learn Mule ESB. It means we don’t need a special group of costly integration specialists. Any of our Java developers can do integration with Mule ESB.” 

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Company profile

South Africa


  • Need to seamlessly update the central student system
  • Ensure students have access to reliable information


  • Use Mule ESB to integrate existing Oracle implementations and facilitate a smooth migration
  • Reliable integration to ensure high availability to 30,000 students

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