The prescription for real-time collaboration
UCSF needed a future-proof communication system. MuleSoft helped them lower costs and improve patient care with real-time collaboration and secure data sharing.

next-gen messaging platform


on-premises, cloud and mobile apps


sensitive data across systems

A next-generation messaging platform for connected patient care

Over the past year, UCSF’S Medicine Service has transitioned from a legacy pager-based solution to CareWeb Messenger, a revolutionary approach to patient care team collaboration that both improves patient outcomes and lowers operational costs. At the core of this solution is Salesforce 1 Platform, which enables communication between UCSF Medical Center staff and MuleSoft’s AnypointTM Platform, which seamlessly connects on-premise, cloud and mobile applications in a highly available and HIPAA-compliant environment.

UCSF Medical Center is among the nation’s leading academic medical centers, with more than 750,000 patient visits and 40,000 admissions each year. To ensure close communication between the 8,000 UCSF Medical Center staff members who support patient care, the Medical Center was previously using a homegrown paging system. The system was robust, but it had its drawbacks. Communication was one-way and text- based, requiring doctors to call back for additional information, slowing the flow of information and response to patients. It was difficult to coordinate across care teams as messages were not saved for future reference. Finally, team members had to carry a pager around with them in addition to their mobile devices, which was cumbersome and expensive.

Using Salesforce and MuleSoft, UCSF Medical Center developed CareWeb Messenger, a next generation messaging platform, which securely integrates patient information across key systems.

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Company profile

San Francisco, CA
MuleSoft Partner


  • The highest quality of patient care requires real-time collaboration among the care team
  • UCSF Medical Center's existing solution was legacy paper technology, which resulted in disjointed, one-to-one messages among the organization's 8,000 staff members
  • UCSF Medical Center needed a two-way HIPAA compliant platform that unified communications across the entire care team


  • Built a next generation searchable communication platform on Salesforce
  • Connected patient data in one location using MuleSoft
  • Increased operational efficiency and reduced costs by eliminating the existing paging solution

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