Transforming a business model for the future
When PacificComp shifted from direct sales to outside brokers they faced an infrastructure overhaul and Mule ESB helped them modernize with integrated systems.

entire business model


policy management and billing systems


support for heterogeneous environments

Mule ESB enables major business model overhaul for insurance firm 

In 2010, Pacific Compensation Insurance Company fundamentally changed its business model from direct sales to utilizing insurance brokers. This required a major systems overhaul and posed substantial integration challenges. Pacific Comp chose Mule ESB to integrate their policy management, billing management and other systems and facilitate the re-launch of the company with its new business model. The result has been faster time to delivery, better support for heterogeneous environments, and modernized infrastructure with minimal disruption.

Moving from a direct marketing approach to partnering with brokers required a major systems overhaul and posed substantial integration challenges. PacificComp chose Mule ESB to integrate their policy management, billing management, and other systems to support its business initiatives.

The overall goal of PacificComp’s business initiatives was to decrease costs and increase ease of use for both underwriters and their broker partners. This became the mandate for the architecture PacificComp’s technical team was tasked to build. As much as possible PacificComp chose to invest in software as a service (SaaS) applications as these allowed the company to increase and decrease its usage as the market dictated. However, they also had several existing systems so it was necessary to integrate both current and new systems, whether cloud or on-premise.

Using Mule ESB, PacificComp began implementing the most critical and time-sensitive use cases required for their 2010 re-launch. First amongst these was integration between DCo, a policy management application for the AS/400 platform that managed all PacificComp policies, and STG billing, a billing application offered by MajescoMastek.

With the integration between policy management and billing in place, the most critical blocker to PacificComp’s re-launch was removed. However, the company also had several other needs that Mule ESB was well suited to solve.

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  • Remain competitive by transitioning from a direct marketing model to partnering with brokers
  • Integrate both on-premises and SaaS applications including policy management, billing management and other systems


  • Successfully relaunch the business via an insurance broker sales model by integrating all systems and applications using MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform
  • Ensure excellent customer service by improving employee productivity

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