Trading up to streamline integration
After numerous issues with BizTalk, Sumitomo migrated to Anypoint Platform™ in just 6 weeks for reliable integration that improved customer satisfaction.
6 weeks

for full platform migration


purchasing systems with Oracle DB


reduction in CPU cores

Sumitomo trades BizTalk for Anypoint Platform for better business processes

Sumitomo Corporation Asia & Oceania (SCAO) exchanges vital business documentation with trading partners including purchase orders, purchase order confirmations and shipping notifications. After experiencing numerous issues with Microsoft BizTalk as their integration platform, SCAO chose to replace BizTalk with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform to streamline business processes, thus improving customer satisfaction.

SCAO’s business processes were traditionally supported by Microsoft BizTalk’s integration platform, which was causing frequent system outages and ultimately harming business as usual operations. The system experienced regular live data loss requiring time-intensive manual interventions and a hard restart of the server every three days, which itself became a regular business process. The result: unreasonably high support costs for SCAO and interruption of fundamental customer facing business operations.

The issues effecting SCAO’s core business processes, purchase orders, purchase order confirmations and shipping notifications, and overall customer satisfaction necessitated an immediate replacement of the current system. Management at SCAO wanted to ensure the replacement was quick to deploy and seamless to end users.

SCAO conducted a technology evaluation process and selected MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform over three other competing solutions including the incumbent, Microsoft BizTalk. The main criteria for selection were speed of development, ease of deployment, manageability, and cost effectiveness.


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MuleSoft Partner
WhiteSky Labs


  • Regular system outages and data loss on BizTalk
  • Unreasonable high support and maintenance costs
  • Interruption of fundamental customer facing business operations


  • Integrated disparate systems quickly with Anypoint Connectors
  • Deployed integrations on a lightweight, standalone solution
  • Existing .NET assets connected with minimal code rework

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