Winning in a customer-centered world with an informed sales force
“Using MuleSoft, our sales team can go into Salesforce and very quickly see how our customers are using our product. From an IT perspective, I feel like I have made a good investment in a foundation for the future.” - Jeff Meyer, Senior Director of Business Applications

real-time access to customer data


360° view of customer


connectivity to critical SaaS systems

Interview: New Relic CIO, Yvonne Wassenaar

In today’s world of technology, change is the new constant and the speed at which companies need to innovate to meet customer demands is greater than ever. New Relic, built entirely in the cloud, provides application performance monitoring to help customers improve their product, business, and provide them a complete breadth of software analytics. As a rapidly growing software business, New Relic needed to ensure that their core applications were scaling with the business and that they were integrated and connected in an effective way.

New Relic turned to MuleSoft to help them connect applications easily and quickly to build services that can share data across those applications in a secure and flexible way. With MuleSoft, New Relic is building an application network for future development and success.

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Company Facts

San Francisco, CA


  • Lack of access to full customer product usage data, hindering greater sales opportunities
  • Inability to process large volumes of Salesforce data nor connect securely to Amazon RDS with previous solution
  • Connecting over 120 SaaS applications used internally


  • Informed sales force with real-time access to customer product usage data
  • Secure, quick and reliable connectivity to critical SaaS systems
  • Built an application network, which serves as a foundation for future growth