Driving out the competition with customer-centered innovations
“API-led connectivity with MuleSoft is key to our growth aspirations. It empowers us to be creative in how we connect our systems to deliver new digital products and offers.” - Peter Ingram, CTO
Weeks to days

reduced time spent on backend system integration


new product introduction cycles


a foundation for increasing market share with public APIs

Addison Lee’s iconic black cars transport more than 10 million passengers each year in London. Since it was founded in 1975, the company has harnessed technology innovations to stand apart from its competitors. Combining the latest technologies with traditional customer service values to deliver the best customer experience remains at the core of Addison Lee’s growth strategy.

To keep up with changing customer behavior and preferences shifting, Addison Lee had to react quickly with customer-centered innovations to stay competitive with new entrants. In order to stay ahead of the competition, they turned to MuleSoft for its ability to support the full API lifecycle in a single platform. In just 6 weeks, Addison Lee securely unlocked their data and infrastructure with APIs to support the global expansion of their app and to enable partners to embed Addison Lee’s services into their own offerings.

Along with speed, another key initiative for the company was integration. “We have a large development team in house. We have approximately 55 to 60 developers working full time. We are looking at integrating with a number of different systems worldwide. The MuleSoft technology allows us to do that quickly,” says Ingram.

In fact, new revenue streams for Addison Lee have resulted from being able to seamlessly connect its mobile application users with its network of international fleets. A customer will be able to book a cab in 20 locations around the world using the Addison Lee app. “MuleSoft empowers us to deliver a new standard, worldwide connectivity to car fleets globally,” Ingram says.

For more information: https://www.addisonlee.com/developers/

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London, UK
  • Urgency to launch new mobile apps and features for enhanced customer experience
  • Expanding partner ecosystem to increase user adoption
  • A brittle point-to-point architecture that took months to extend and change
  • Remove bespoke code in favor of reusable modules for faster dev time
  • Open APIs for public access to enable new partnership opportunities
  • Create system, business logic, and presentation integration tiers to nimbly deliver bookings application on a mobile device or web page