Raising reliability to increase revenue
When LLS needed to streamline its inefficient fundraising platform, MuleSoft helped reduce costs and raise reliability with scalable integration.

up-time with zero message loss


front-end apps with legacy VB systems


message-per-hour scalability

MuleSoft reduces costs and raises reliability for LLS

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding blood cancer research, LLS has spent decades finding creative ways to raise money for its cause. Its flagship program, Team in Training (TNT), has grown to become the world’s largest endurance sports  training program, raising more than $850 million since its founding in 1988.

TNT’s earlier efforts at online fundraising were made in partnership with a third-party outsourcer, who provided an off-the-shelf hosted fundraising application. For a fee of 7% of each transaction, the outsourcer provided a personalized fundraising website for each program participant and collected funds from donors, remitting them to LLS on a monthly basis. This arrangement allowed LLS to access the online channel relatively quickly, allowing the organization to focus on things other than IT infrastructure. Over time, however, the solution started to become a victim of its own success.

As increasing numbers of fundraisers joined the TNT program, the outsourced application began to have difficulty scaling in concert. The site would experience frequent outages and performance issues, and as a result, confused users would often see their transactions fail or mistakenly make duplicate donations. , LLS’s IT group was also burdened with managing customer support calls, often for issues that stemmed from the outsourced solution. Finally, the 7% transaction fee, in addition to the lost interest carry due to the delayed transfer of funds, meant that LLS’s fundraising costs were prohibitively high.

With help from Mule ESB, LLS created new architecture and organization that has delivered a set of robust systems and processes designed to scale with increasing donations for years to come. The system is designed and tested to handle peak loads of over 24,000 messages per hour. In the first 4 months of production, the system processed more than 500,000 messages with zero message loss.

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Company profile

New York, United States
Life Sciences Nonprofit Organization Management
Annual revenue in research
$73.8 million


  • Poor user experience led to a decrease in fundraising results
  • Weak integration between LLS's internal systems and outsourced applications


  • Enhance the user experience by creating an online fundraising platform to support the Team in Training campaign
  • Implement MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform as the integration fundraising tool and to ensure 100% uptime

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