Fresh revenue with a single view of the customer
When this top 4 UK food retailer wanted to expand revenue, they developed a single view of the customer with the help of CloudHub™ to increase in-store and online sales.
$100 million

in new revenue


Salesforce to on-premises databases

5 million

customer records synced in real-time

Food for thought: Growing revenues with cloud-based integration for omnichannel engagement

This FTSE 100 company is a top 4 food retailer in the UK. Operating in a competitive retail market, the company needed innovative ways to drive in-store revenue while also expanding into new product categories and channels on the web. The Middleware Architecture and Design Manager had the responsibility for bringing existing customer and product data into the company’s new Salesforce solution, providing a single view of the customer to support multi-channel marketing. The company selected MuleSoft to deliver the ideal solution – the CloudHub™ platform for real-time application integration of on-premise and SaaS applications.

In looking for a solution the team concluded early on that they needed a real-time integration platform. According to the middleware manager, “Since we had multiple endpoints handling a high volume of transactions requiring real-time synchronization, a solution with an ESB approach made more sense to us than a batch ETL tool.”

Developing and deploying the integration on CloudHub took just 2 weeks since the platform requires no hardware or software. “One of the important criteria for this project was a 100% cloud solution, and CloudHub was the only solution that delivered enterprise-class capabilities without agents to install on premises,” said the middleware manager.

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Company Profile

United Kingdom
Annual Revenue
£18+ billion


  • Organic growth had slowed and innovation was stalled
  • IT was a bottleneck due to a duplication of effort and poor data management


  • API-enable every service to enable rapid innovation
  • Centralize management of APIs for rapid discovery and reuse

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