The winning verdict for loss-proof connections
To bring scalable integration to its court case management application, Justice Systems used Mule ESB to orchestrate message traffic with no room for error.

manual exchanges


over 600 courts


loss-proof architecture

Mule ESB serves case management with a successful verdict

To bring scalable integration to its flagship court case management application, Justice Systems Inc. selected MuleSoft’s Enterprise Service Bus. The first production implementation using Mule’s ESB was a large Midwestern court with several hundred users and a diverse mix of integration points. The system is in production with Mule’s ESB orchestrating the message traffic with a persistent architecture to avoid information loss. With court-specific messaging isolated in Mule ESB, Justice Systems’ application now takes a standards-based, straightforward approach to outside integration.

For many years, Justice Systems relied on a client-server architecture model where most interfaces to external law enforcement entities were individually crafted with custom code, according to the needs of the court and the specifics of its outside agencies. Recently, Justice Systems developed FullCourt® Enterprise, its next generation case management system using a secure Java-based case management platform with browser access for all court users. With this most modern version, JSI was determined to take a more flexible approach to outside agency integration.

The goals were to make common outside agency integration a standard offering, avoid custom coding, and lower the costs of developing truly custom integrations. To accomplish these goals JSI needed an integration solution that was easily configured to accommodate court-specific needs.

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Company profile

New Mexico, United States


  • Need to add outside integration capabilities onto the existing enterprise-class court management application
  • Easily incorporate new message exchanges unique to each court's outside agencies


  • Improve productivity of justice system employees by providing all case data in one location
  • Implement Mule ESB to seamlessly integrate all external and internal endpoints

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