The French connection for customer engagement
When this French insurance consortium – 8 companies with 800,000 members – had to integrate all its data with a new CRM, MuleSoft delivered, toute suite.

seamless integration layer for CRM


disparate data formats and protocols


faster ROI than Oracle SOA

How simplicity benefits better customer service and faster ROI

GIE-Union Groupe Initiatives Mutuelles (GIE-UGIM) is one of France’s largest insurance mutual benefit consortiums with over 800 000 members across eight individual mutual benefit organizations. Each of these organizations provides health insurance to a specific French ministry. In order to provide better services to its members, GIE-UGIM integrated several applications with a new CRM system using Mule ESB.

One of GIE-UGIM’s major ongoing challenges is to continuously improve the services it provides to its members. Improved service increases retention rates and thus improves the financial position of the consortium as a whole. In 2010, GIE-UGIM implemented Silligent CRM as the central customer relationship management system for the group.

To solve the challenge of integrating the multitude of applications core to GIE-UGIM’s business with the new CRM system, GIE-UGIM decided an Enterprise Service Bus was the ideal architecture for their needs.

After deciding an ESB was the right architecture, GIE-UGIM began an evaluation of alternatives products to meet this need. “We looked pretty broadly in the market but eventually cut our short list down to Oracle and Mule ESB,” said Maamoun Bernichi, Director of Studies for GIE-UGIM. “As we went deeper into the evaluation we realized the cost and complexity of the Oracle SOA suite was far too much for our organization. Compared to Oracle, Mule ESB was less expensive to implement and delivered a faster return on investment.

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  • Continuously improve the services GIE provides to its members
  • Integrate the multitude of applications core to the business with the new CRM system


  • Provide better member services by using Mule ESB to manage integration with the new CRM system
  • Develop a future proof integration framework to accelerate growth

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