Vertu dials in a seamless integrated migration
Luxury cellphone maker Vertu called on MuleSoft to help them create and migrate to a new integrated architecture with zero downtime to ensure high customer satisfaction.

360° view of the customer


entirely new integrated architecture


seamless migration with no disruption

Delivering a new integrated architecture without customer disruption

Vertu has made a name for itself as the pioneer and leading manufacturer of the world’s finest luxury mobile phones. Handmade in England, the phones combine premium materials, such as solid sapphire crystal screens and titanium casing, with contemporary styling.

Vertu also delivers an exclusive mobile phone experience for its customers by combining expert craftsmanship with innovative technology and unique services, such as a 24/7 dedicated concierge service that offers worldwide assistance, recommendations and priority bookings, personalized to the owner. In addition Vertu Life curates invitations to private events, membership to exclusive clubs and access to other high-end brands.

In 2012, Vertu became independent and separated from parent company Nokia. As a result, Vertu needed to build a brand new architecture, migrate and implement new applications and set up their own IT department. They needed to ensure they could continue manufacturing mobile phones, support existing customer devices using Nokia’s software, and continue providing a superior service to their customers.

Vertu, in collaboration with WHISHWORKS, identified and built the application roadmaps. First, Vertu needed a way to integrate all of their existing applications so they could have a 360 view of their customers. Second, they needed to replace the manufacturing system, product data management and engineering systems so they could operate effectively once they separated from Nokia. Finally, they needed temporary access to the legacy business systems and data at Nokia so they could continue to operate during the complex migration. One important aspect of the integration was to maintain agility as all the knowledge and requirements for integration were not fully known or fully understood at the outset.

WHISHWORKS and Vertu looked into potential integration options such as point-to-point integration or writing custom code, but saw a platform approach as the right direction. A platform would integrate the new architecture and applications needed, and also provide the backbone for the new IT infrastructure. It would enable them to continue adding and integrating applications as the company grew. MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform was chosen as the innovation partner.


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Company profile

United Kingdom
Luxury goods, telecommunication


  • Striking out as an independent company required a new manufacturing system and integration with legacy mobile software
  • Needed one view of their customer to continue to deliver a luxury service


  • New manufacturing, design and product data management systems that integrated with current and legacy mobile software and business systems
  • Full visibility of the customer lifecycle
  • Agile, flexible integration and development

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