New life for a leader with an API-led approach
As a market leader, Panviva felt opportunities slipping due to outdated infrastructure. MuleSoft's API-led connectivity delivered the agility to regain competitive advantage.

projected dev time from five years to one


systems for rapid scalability and innovation


global sales with new agility

Creating a platform to accelerate innovation and modernize an industry leader

Panviva is the world’s leading provider of Business Process Guidance software. More than 100,000 global users in banking, health insurance, telecommunications, utilities, manufacturing, and government use Panviva’s software solution, SupportPoint, to navigate users step-by-step, in real-time, through even the most complicated business processes.

Panviva’s product and executive team realized that its on-premises technology wasn’t evolving as fast as it could, with SupportPoint caught in a loop of incremental development and bug fixes that customers found costly to deploy. Panviva needed to create an innovative product roadmap that leveraged future-proof technologies to enable rapid development and integrations in a SaaS delivery model.

Panviva identified that the primary challenge with its legacy software was the complexity around re-developing the software for genuine cloud compatibility and deployment, while also designing for scalability and multifaceted integration. Panviva’s development team built their own integrations, and internal teams had to anticipate for lengthy development and testing times. Speeding up the development and testing process to meet the pace of customer demand required additional costs and resources. Panviva was looking for a more efficient and streamlined alternative.

By partnering with MuleSoft, Panviva had an opportunity to modernize and enhance SupportPoint without diminishing the strength or value of its successful technology.


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Melbourne, Australia
  • Feature updates and bug fixes to legacy onpremises product were difficult and costly for customers to implement, delaying realization of value and increasing TCO
  • Slowed pace of innovation due to lack of resources needed to maintain custom-built integrations
  • MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform as the foundation for modernized SaaS architecture
  • New micro-services architecture and cloud connectivity of SupportPoint to enable independent modification and scaling of major application components

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