An early pioneer of virtual workspace solutions, Citrix has advanced business mobility for more than 25 years. Citrix products — including GoToMeeting, XenMobile and NetScaler — are widely used by businesses of all sizes. More than 100 million global users at more than 330,000 organizations work better using Citrix.

Fundamental shift to the cloud

As an innovator that anticipated today’s heightened demand for virtual workspace capabilities before most other companies had an Internet connection, Citrix has always thrived on looking far ahead and creating solutions with a lasting impact. The challenge of the day was to create agility and competitive advantage by pragmatically moving their primarily on-premises infrastructure to the cloud in phases. Citrix is doing so with new projects that don’t disrupt current operations.

Their first opportunity came from the marketing department. The Citrix marketing team needed a better way to synchronize data between Marketo and Salesforce. Client account data wasn’t always up to date, hampering the pace of sales and the ability of the marketing team to use real-time data to refine their marketing efforts. Vinod Sangaraju, Integration Development Manager for Citrix, knew that an on-premises only solution would not scale with their long-term vision to move to the cloud.

He began his hunt for a best-of-breed iPaaS platform. Citrix had relied on various integration platforms and solutions, including Microsoft’s BizTalk. But Sangaraju realized that to really resolve the disconnect between marketing and sales as well as between other Citrix teams, the enterprise needed a platform with broad capabilities that would securely connect Citrix’s growing number of SaaS applications with its on-premises infrastructure. This was vital for Citrix as it transitioned to the cloud.

Sangaraju envisioned one shared, cloud-compatible development environment that would advance agility, productivity and speed of development while minimizing the operational and long-term costs associated with disjointed internal systems and processes.

Anypoint Platform — iPaaS for unified connectivity

In MuleSoft, Citrix found a solution for seamless connectivity to both on-premises and cloud applications. The marketing team now has the freedom to synchronize data between Marketo and Salesforce, with an ease and efficiency that saves time and opens new areas of opportunity for marketing and sales. Expanding opportunities for growth even further, Citrix is using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Connectors to access data in Marketo and use that data to launch new and improved offerings in its operations data store.

“The marketing team takes full advantage of the new freedom that comes from MuleSoft’s unified connectivity. With CloudHub, Citrix can continue to move forward with more accelerated momentum than we had being anchored on-premises,” Sangaraju said.

Ultimately, Citrix gained enhanced business logic and increased speed, eliminating the weight and liability of largely on-premises, point-to-point integration.

An innovation engine for the next 25 years

With deep confidence in MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, fed by the results that Citrix’s technical and marketing teams leveraged, Citrix leadership initiated additional integration projects. Citrix plans to integrate Workday with SAP, using Anypoint Platform. They also plan to leverage MuleSoft solutions for Microsoft to easily integrate legacy .NET assets such as business logic written in BizTalk onto Anypoint Platform with minimal re-coding. In taking these steps, Citrix believes that it will strengthen its partnerships by delivering more value, faster, and that it will find new avenues for innovation and customer engagement with its revolutionary solutions.

“In an organization that thrives on envisioning the workplace of tomorrow for our customers, it was vitally important for us to update our own internal systems with technical capabilities that drive business agility and keep us at the forefront of innovation. MuleSoft solutions help us do that in a big way,” Sangaraju said.