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Service New South Wales (NSW) is an award-winning government initiative delivering services to citizens, including driver licenses, birth certificates, Seniors Cards, and Fair Trading licenses through one digital service, one phone number and a network of one-stop shops.

Providing a one-stop-shop for citizen needs

Improving service delivery levels while keeping costs under control is an ongoing challenge for governments around the world. In New South Wales, Australia, the state government has embarked on a promising, technically complex initiative to achieve both.

Service NSW was conceived as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for citizens needing to interact with state government departments. By consolidating and digitizing service delivery, the New South Wales government aimed to reduce service delivery spend while improving access for citizens, and since the agency’s establishment in 2013, citizen response has been positive. However, executing on the program’s broad vision provided a thorny challenge for the organization’s IT team.

Delivering new digital services required that manual back-end processes be automated; doing so required access to data spanning over 40 government departments and agencies. The sensitive nature of the data involved made security an imperative, complicating things further. Recognizing the need for a connectivity platform that could not only handle complex data integration, but also orchestrate, expose, and govern data access through APIs, Service NSW adopted MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™ to anchor the program.

Modernizing legacy backend systems with APIs

Powering Service NSW required that data be exposed from legacy systems across over 40 government departments and agencies in a manner that didn’t risk compromising any of these systems. Ben McMullen, Director of Technology Architecture & Risk Management at Service NSW, found their initial point-to-point integration approach to be unfit for the job. “Many of the systems we were integrating with were approaching end of life, making legacy modernization a priority for the business,” said McMullen. “We needed a way to interact with these kinds of systems without causing service disruptions that would impact our high service availability requirements.”

In response to these challenges, Service NSW decided to adopt Salesforce as the front end for the agency, and to leverage APIs to expose data from legacy systems to Salesforce in a scalable manner. Afterward, they looked to identify a partner to help them realize this vision.

“During our initial discovery and assessment, we wanted to be open about where we were looking to take this and to get input from potential suppliers around the products and approaches.” says McMullen. “After a review process, however, we decided that MuleSoft was the right partner for our proposed integration approach.”

Increasing agility and flexibility through API-led connectivity

Service NSW’s challenges extended beyond connecting internal and external systems. Since they had no control of the systems or processes used outside their agency, they needed an architecture that would be flexible to external change. API-led connectivity provided them with a way to achieve this flexibility.

“Taking an API-led approach is critical,” says McMullen. “it enables us to set out clear boundaries as to what each agency is responsible for delivering, to reuse what we have, and to scale when needed. This supports our architectural principles, supports and respects agency security boundaries, and aligns to the business services collectively provided by government to our customers”.

Improving citizen service through omnichannel digital engagement

By unlocking access to disparate systems across the New South Wales government, MuleSoft has helped Service NSW to enable one-stop shop access to more than 800 different transactions, such as obtaining driver licenses, birth certificates, or seniors cards. They’ve created an omnichannel experience for citizens, allowing them to access these services through either a network of physical shopfronts, the Service NSW web portal, or via phone.

The results of the program to date have been remarkable — by increasing digital service delivery by over 60%, Service NSW has achieved a 97% customer satisfaction rating across over 2 million citizens served. With partners like MuleSoft, the Service NSW team aims to build off this success, with a goal of incorporating more transaction types into the platform, and providing even better service to New South Wales citizens in doing so.