Redwood Logistics sought to profitably enter the mid-market segment through TMS.io, a SaaS transportation management system that enables their customers to make rapid business decisions regarding their freight and transportation spend.

Connecting TMS.io to key systems of record, such as ERP and warehouse management systems, was delaying customer onboarding and leading to more re-work across each customer implementation. To abstract the complexity of EDI standards, Redwood Logistics used MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™ to build an EDI transformation layer, enabling them to automatically transform data into the format most appropriate for each partner.

Now, they are able to access the right resources faster than before and develop sophisticated data-driven solutions for their clients. By partnering with MuleSoft, Redwood Logistics has built an application network of reusable API assets that can be leveraged across implementations and reduced customer onboarding from 6-9 months to 60 days.

“The API-led connectivity that we get from MuleSoft has simplified how we look at our connectivity problems, and more importantly helped us focus on how we drive more value to our customers.”

Clement Koenig, Senior Web Analyst and Developer, LuxairGroup

Clement Koenig
Eric Rempel, CIO