Focused on “saving the sale” across its channels, New York & Company (NY&C) sought to develop a seamless shopping experience for its customers both in-store and online. To do so, NY&C invested in its digital capabilities and developed an omnichannel platform to build direct and personalized relationships with its customers.

By taking an API-led approach, NY&C developed a mobile application with real-time inventory calls and became the first in specialty retail to have kiosks that complete end-to-end transactions. Today, MuleSoft is powering NY&C’s omnichannel strategy, and, more recently, NY&C was ranked #3 in a list of the top 100 omnichannel retailers.

“MuleSoft allowed us to build omnichannel relationships with our customers. If tomorrow we needed to add another sales channel, we could easily do it.”

Alex Pinskiy

Alex Pinskiy,
Director of Omnichannel Systems