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19 point increase in NPS

36+ systems integrated

2X faster development speed


Improving insurance claims processing speed

Australian workers’ compensation insurance company, icare, protects 3.6 million people across 326,000 businesses and 193 government agencies. 

For icare, delivering best-in-class, timely services to customers is critical. Studies show that if someone files for workers’ compensation and does not return to work within 45 days, the likelihood of them ever returning to work drops to 50%. For icare, delivering best-in-class services for customers is a social responsibility and key to ensuring a healthy, financially stable life for customers and their families.

To enable customers to focus on their health and return to work, icare needed to build an entirely new business model and improve the customer experience by delivering a digital, machine learning-driven system that makes submitting and processing claims quick and easy.

Behind the scenes, however, delivering a new insurance claims system proved difficult because icare's customer data were siloed in SaaS and legacy systems — creating a disjointed, slow process in which customers had to fill out paperwork and visit multiple websites to submit claims, choose a policy, and more.


Delivering a best-in-class customer experience

For icare, bringing the new claims insurance system to life required: 

  • Decoupling systems and data to build a future-proof, cloud architecture that supports a changing technology landscape 
  • Unlocking data in legacy systems and accessing the data as managed services through Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
  • Integrating data from both legacy and SaaS systems, such as SAS, Salesforce, Guidewire, and more
  • Launching a single digital claims insurance system that allows insured workers to file claims more easily


Adopting an API and integration strategy

With these objectives in mind, icare needed to find a supportive partner for their API and integration strategy, and a robust technology platform that complements the strategy. The icare team looked at several integration solutions, ultimately selecting MuleSoft due to Anypoint Platform’s high availability, reliability, and scalability.

To build the claims insurance system, the icare team decoupled and modernized legacy systems using APIs. They also built 200 integrations that connected 36+ legacy and SaaS systems, including Salesforce, Guidewire, SAP S/4HANA, Okta, Onbase, Exstream, and SQL servers. Today, using APIs and integrations, icare can surface data from multiple systems through a single claims insurance interface.

“We launched our insurance claims system in just months, an accomplishment we couldn’t have imagined before working with MuleSoft. And, using an API-led approach to integration, we can now complete other IT projects 2x faster by reusing APIs we have already built.”

Edward Lee

Edward Lee
Technical Director, icare

In addition, by decoupling systems using APIs, icare was able to migrate entirely to the cloud, instead of relying on legacy systems. With Anypoint Platform, icare not only moved towards a cloud, agile, and highly available architecture, but also minimized spend by eliminating legacy system maintenance costs. 

Using Anypoint Platform, the team applied machine learning to the claims process — allowing the system to automatically approve the higher-volume, lower-risk claims. They also used APIs to increase visibility into the claims process.

The Triage API, for example, enables the icare team to get a single view of any claim and understand whether it is a simple claim (a finger cut) or a more complicated claim (a spinal injury). Additionally, using the Triage API, icare can pull data from other systems in order to analyze the claim and determine how long it will take for an employee to return to work.

“We chose MuleSoft because their platform aligns with our vision to move to the cloud quickly,” said Lee. “The elasticity, availability, scalability, and velocity that Anypoint Platform provides is a true differentiator. And, because we deal with health records, security is a high priority for us, and Anypoint Platform delivers.”


Revolutionizing workers’ compensation insurance

In just six months, icare launched an industry-leading claims insurance system that allows customers to submit claims with just a few clicks and quickly get a response on the status of their claim. Within two weeks of launching, icare processed 10,000 claims.

Today, icare’s seamless insurance experience enables customers to focus on their health and recovery, instead of worrying about submitting paperwork or juggling claim forms on multiple websites. After installing the new system, the customer net promoter score (NPS) for icare increased by 19 points.

Beyond this project, the icare team continues to reap the benefits of Anypoint Platform. The team currently reuses 20% of the APIs and integrations they built for new projects, with a goal to reuse 60% of APIs and integrations by the end of the year.

“Thanks to MuleSoft, we’re processing claims 2-3x faster and improving customers’ quality of life by allowing them to focus on their health and return to work,” said Lee.