Enterprise resources

We have gathered a collection of valuable resources for developers, architects, and IT executives, on the topics relating to enterprise integration. Here you will find valuable information to help you get started with open source Mule ESB.

General ESB

Discover all things integration and Mule ESB - what it is, its features, and what it is capable of.

ESB enterprise security

Discover how Mule ESB works to protect your enterprise. 

Legacy systems

Not everyone has modernized their legacy systems. Learn about how Mule ESB works with legacy systems to integrate applications and services, bridging the network divide. 


Application network

A network of applications, data and devices connected with APIs to make them pluggable and to create reusable services.


In order to reduce the disconnect in the software development process, it is important to pursue a key DevOps practice.

Retail solutions

Learn how to personalized retail experiences by integrating customer data.

Microsoft solutions

A collection of articles discussing Mule ESB and connectivity solutions that work with Microsoft products.

Other enterprise integration resources

An array of miscellaneous enterprise integration resources related to Mule ESB

ESB vendor comparisons

See how Mule ESB stacks up against other enterprise service bus offerings. 

Product documentation

All the information you would need to get you started with using Mule ESB and its components. 

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