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Open Source Integration and Mule ESB

Why Open Source?

open source integration custom codeOpen source platforms foster better software development. Developers have visibility into the source code of the platform and can troubleshoot and customize the code according to their unique needs. Moreover, an open source platform promotes collaboration. The multitude of ideas and solutions shared within a strong development community strengthens the product and provides visibility into how other developers solve complex integration problems.

As a result, companies can easily find a solution to their integration requirements, while having access to a broad set of tools to aid them with future issues that may arise. Best of all, any development team can access what’s under the hood, so even if your team changes, your solutions won’t suffer.


The Open Source Advantage

Built on an open source integration platform, Mule ESB offers many of the benefits of open source, making it an ideal choice for those who want enterprise capabilities such as manageability and flexibility. Organizations can extend a solution based on their specific requirements, getting exactly what they need and none of what they don’t.


  • Active Product Roadmap: Suggested improvements from over 175,000 Mule developers are continuously incorporated into the product, ensuring Mule ESB can be deployed successfully in a variety of use cases.
  • Low Barrier to Entry: Businesses have the option to test the product before making any significant investments. Download Mule ESB, build your scenarios, and determine if it meets your needs before making any decisions.
  • No Vendor Lock-in: The open source advantage ensures no vendor lock-in. Developers have the freedom to decide on what tools to use and where to deploy their application. Unlike other vendors who enforce a lock-in, MuleSoft believes in open source and open standards. Best of all, access to the source code means that regardless of what happens to MuleSoft, users will always have the ability to support their applications.

Open Source Integration Benefits with Mule ESB

Mule ESB, the world’s most widely used open source integration platform, has a growing community of over 175,000 developers and enables over 1,600 organizations in more than 60 countries to build application networks that increase the clock speed of business. What’s more, is that Mule ESB is an enterprise grade open source solution, providing enterprise readiness that Global 500 companies running mission critical environments need. The integration platform allows users to custom build integrations and offers a wide range of connectors to couple applications on-premises or in the cloud seamlessly.  Furthermore, Mule Enterprise Service Bus offers the advantages you’ve come to expect from open source technology. To augment the powerful features of an open source platform, Mule ESB provides various components for enterprise readiness and critical production deployments, such as security, high availability, resiliency, performance management, and award-winning support.

open source integration developer tools open source integration management console open source integration cloud connector open souce integration enterprise integration open source integration performance

Mature Developer Tooling: Build simple yet powerful data mappings and transformations with advanced features for developer productivity and powerful runtime capabilities through a visual data mapping interface. Utilize Anypoint StudioDataWeave, DevKit, and numerous other resources to aid with development.

  • Mule Enterprise Management Console (MMC): Having visibility and control into the ESB infrastructure and related services is critical. Using the console developers can manage applications, metrics, SLAs and control the day to day operations, all from a single web-based console. It is the only solution that allows you to resolve issues quickly, minimize risk, and lower operation costs during production.
  • Connectors and Transports: In addition to community connectors, Mule ESB Enterprise users have access to a number of easy to use transports for instant connectivity to even more applications and services. MuleSoft wide range of connectivity options include transports, enterprise system connectors (e.g. for SAP), and countless SaaS connectors to help you bridge the gap between on-premises and cloud applications seamlessly.
  • Enterprise Security: Open source does not compromise security. With enterprise security from MuleSoft, your integration ecosystem is protected end-to-end. With Mule, it’s easy to block unauthorized access to your systems, eliminate exposure of data, and prevent attacks with threat management.
  • High Performance: With edge caching technology, Mule ESB can has the ability to process much more in transaction volume than other ESBs, beating the competition in performance, hands down. In tests, Mule typically can process twice the transaction volume of other ESBs and in some scenarios can process as much as 30 times as much transaction volume. Moreover, the ability to manage more transactions on the same amount of hardware or less means functioning costs are reduced.
  • High Availability and Clustering: With Mule ESB, mission critical applications are backed by guaranteed delivery and ensure 100% reliability with clustering for your applications. Clustering ensures that if an application does fail, transactions are automatically transitioned to a failover node.
  • Highly Scalable: Mule ESB has the ability to scale to support the largest environments.  Mule grows with your businesses needs and can be adapted to your ever-changing business requirements, preventing the need of a huge redesign in the future. Businesses have the option to infinitely scale out - horizontally or vertically.

In addition to being the world’s more efficient Enterprise Service Bus, Mule ESB is also very lightweight, demanding low CPU and memory usage. Mule does not require nearly as many resources to function as other enterprise service buses do and is quick to implement and deploy. Unlike other ESB solutions which tend to be bulky, have a large list of required products, and are difficult to  deploy, Mule makes integration simple. The open source based platform gives users the flexibility they need to do more. This is why thousands of innovative organizations utilize Mule to take care of their SOA infrastructure.

An open source platform allows easy customized integration for your business needs. Learn more to see what open source based Mule ESB can do for your applications.