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API Management and Resources

Getting started with APIs isn't always easy. Explore numerous resources to learn all about APIs. From best practices and how-to's, to API use cases in the real world, these resources will help you get acquainted with API managementbuilddesignanalytics, and monitoring.

An Introduction to APIs:

APIs are transforming the world. Businesses are using APIs to achieve digital transformation; that might mean moving faster, creating an agility layer, achieving customer-centric goals, or generating revenue. But companies don't just need to think about building APIs, they have to think about building APIs to achieve business objectives, to make their users happy, and to last a long time. 

Real world API usage:

Industries of all varieties are adopting APIs to run their businesses more effectively and to better engage with end users. Learn how API adoption has changed a wide variety of industries. 

API Webinars:

Dive into the world of APIs with informative webinars about API management, design, development and more.  

API assets:

Download from our library of whitepapers, ebooks and case studies to gain deeper insight into API management, implementation, and best practices.  


Learn how to leverages the ideology of developing a single application as a suite of small independently deployable services that can be reused in multiple business process.

The Internet of Things:

See how API-led connectivity enables the Internet of Everything. Redefine your product offerings and customer experience through smart connected devices.

Open Banking and PSD2:

Create smarter banking with an API-led connectivity strategy.

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