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Simplify Cloud Application Integration with CloudHub

The growth in SaaS adoption, mobile applications, and the explosion of APIs has caused an outburst of endpoints, which can result in a fragmented technological infrastructure. Companies are moving to the cloud as vital data is no longer stored exclusively on-premises. The challenge of interoperability between different devices and platforms has complicated matters for businesses, as it is difficult to connect dynamic applications, services, and data. Cloud computing helps businesses address their current integration challenges, while giving them the scalability, manageability, and reliability they need for the future.

Previously, companies have employed integration solutions from a single vendor. This approach, although unifying, causes complications as the platform or software might not be compatible with third party applications that the business may want to employ. Moreover, it constrains companies to particular integration products and tools from a single vendor, forcing them to work with applications that might not be the finest solutions. As a result, many organizations have shifted away from buying applications from a single vendor, and instead have employed a "best of breed" approach, mixing and matching vendors in order to obtain the best products for specific areas of business.

This best of breed approach allows businesses to employ specific applications to run the functional areas of their business (payroll, invoicinge-commerceHRCRM, ERP, marketing, etc.) and it is essential that each of the individual applications talk to each other. Information needs to be shared across applications whether they reside on-premises or in the cloud in order for business processes to run smoothly. Without seamless communication between applications and services, business processes slow down, ultimately slowing down their time to live. Moreover, without a system to enable sharing of information, data remains within each application or database, creating information silos that prevent sharing of information and intelligence to other aspects of the business.


The Integration Challenge

With the growing number of cloud-based applications and services, keeping an enterprise connected can be difficult. This creates yet another challenge, as on-premises systems need be connected to those in the cloud. In order to synchronize data and ensure interoperability, running efficient business processes it is crucial.

Many organizations have used custom integration to solve these problems. Developers are hired to create custom integrations between applications, services, and systems. This method is not only difficult, but also fragile. If one application changes, the developer must modify the custom code between each connection it supports. If not done correctly, the business processes and applications the integration supports are at risk. Additionally, as the number of integrations rises, the more complex an environment becomes, ultimately becoming what is known as “spaghetti architecture”. Businesses need a cloud application integration solution which addresses their current business challenges while future-proofing them for whatever challenges that may come their way.

Anypoint Connectors and Integration Apps Power Businesses

MuleSoft offers CloudHub, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to alleviate the hassle of cloud application integration. With CloudHub, businesses can not only easily connect cloud applications and services, they can connect their enterprise with on-premises systems as well.

By leveraging a library of Anypoint™ Connectors, businesses can synchronize data between their applications. Anypoint Connectors provide instant API connectivity to hundreds of popular applications and services, making it possible to connect cloud applications easily. Moreover, MuleSoft offers easy to configure integration applications to connect and automate business processes spanning numerous applications. The integration apps automate business processes between popular SaaS to SaaS and to on-premises apps, eliminating double data entry and streamlining popular business processes such as data loading and employee onboarding. Best of all, they are packaged solutions that work right out of the box - no need for custom code. Long gone are the days of custom code and point-to-point integration, with integration apps and Anypoint Connectors, application integration is simplified.

Leading SaaS Providers Partner With MuleSoft

MuleSoft not only offers a robust cloud application integration solution to connect the enterprise, it also provides SaaS providers an edge over the competition. With the MuleSoft Partner Program, SaaS providers can accelerate the adoption of their application in the enterprise by offering integration as a part of their service.

Moving to the cloud benefits businesses in numerous ways. Contact MuleSoft today to see cloud application integration can better your business.