Unique benefits for APIs

Unified connectivity

Don’t struggle to access the data you want to expose. Unlock it quickly and easily with built-in integration that offers secure and controlled API access with one-click policy application.

Lowest friction

The fastest way to build, compose and maintain APIs. Design new APIs in hours instead of days, assemble mashups in minutes, and make the changes you need to the back-end or front-end, with minimal impact to integrated systems and consumers.


Breathe new life into existing APIs with management and engagement layers, and turn existing assets into modular building blocks that can be rapidly assembled into new capabilities for future innovation.
  • API Portal
  • API Manager
  • Anypoint Studio
  • API Designer
  • API Analytics
API Portal

From design to testing, publishing and promoting your API, the API Portal makes it easy to engage fellow coders, teammates and customers at every step. Build an API for users, and they will code.

API Manager

API Manager provides a single point of management for APIs and service endpoints throughout their lifecycle. Control access, enforce SLAs, and monitor users and traffic to keep APIs and services running at peak performance.

Anypoint Studio

A single graphical design environment for the Anypoint platform, Anypoint Studio accelerates developer productivity with an easy on-ramp for cloud and on-premises integration. Assemble your integration flow without coding using intuitive drag-and-drop tools or take control using XML markup.

API Designer

How do you create APIs developers love? Start with the right tools. From design to testing to promoting your API, the API Designer makes it easy to engage fellow coders, teammates and customers at every step. Build an API for users, and they will code.

API Analytics

Keep track of key metrics like top users, transactions by region, usage by tier and performance against SLAs in a set of interactive, graphical dashboards and charts. Need something custom? Create it in a few clicks.

Real agility for virtual innovation
After 25 years creating virtual workspaces, Citrix needed help creating its own virtual infrastructure to connect to the cloud. See how MuleSoft delivered.
The prescription for real-time collaboration
UCSF needed a future-proof communication system. MuleSoft helped them lower costs and improve patient care with real-time collaboration and secure data sharing.
Brewing a faster, more flexible ERP solution
Nespresso's ERP system couldn’t keep pace with automated customer orders. See how Anypoint Platform™ delivered faster throughput and high availability.
Digital education in a class of its own
Deakin redefined digital education using Anypoint Platform™ to develop personal portals for 50,000 students plus 4,700 staff and faculty across four campuses.

Making applications mobile

Mobility is no longer a novel extra feature, it is firmly entrenched in our lives as a fundamental expectation. A business without a mobile footprint is at best severly handicapped in our connected culture and at worst completely lost in the shuffle. Every application that touches an employee, customer, partner or supplier needs to be available on a mobile device. Instead of redesigning applications from the ground up, the most agile companies are exposing them through APIs designed, tested and deployed using Anypoint Platform for APIs.

Growing sales with partners

When a business partner resells one of your products or services everybody wins. And APIs can make it much easier for a partner to successfully sign up a new customer or upsell an existing customer. By providing a complete set of tools for any company to create their own APIs, Anypoint Platform for APIs helps companies extend their reach and increase partner revenue.

Developing new business models

For years, companies have kept some of their most valuable assets locked up inside databases and applications. Now, they are discovering that sharing that data can generate new revenue streams. One of the easiest ways to do that is with Anypoint Platform for APIs, which not only eases API creation but also helps ensure new APIs are found and used.

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