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Changing how the world connects

Mobility, cloud, big data, and the Internet of Things are driving a profound change for businesses, creating massive opportunities for innovation as well as escalating customer expectations. Companies must respond by transforming themselves to move faster than ever.
In this Connected Era, how well companies connect the explosion of apps, data and devices will define their success.

MuleSoft provides the platform that changes how businesses connect by making it fast, flexible and easy. APIs are the catalyst for this change, unleashing information and eliminating the friction of integration for unprecedented speed and agility. With Anypoint Platform's API-led connectivity approach, MuleSoft is lifting the weight of custom connections and freeing companies to innovate faster.

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Business transformation for industry leaders

MuleSoft helps companies transform their business, enabling them to deliver mobile customer experiences,
turn data into digital assets, and dramatically accelerate their pace of innovation and change.

It all started with a single line of code

Innovation has been in our DNA from the start. Frustrated by integration "donkey work", Ross Mason, VP Product Strategy, founded the open source Mule project in 2003.  He created a new platform that emphasized ease of development with quick and efficient assembly of components, instead of custom-coding by hand. The idea caught fire and has now spread to over 210,000 developers worldwide and leading companies in almost every industry. That same spirit of innovation still lives in everything we do today.

A trajectory of success

Our pursuit of innovation has powered breakthrough momentum. Every new product, customer, hire,
and award has been a milestone on our road to success, and the future is wide open.




The story behind the mule

It’s a question we’re asked pretty much every time we’re introduced. Where does the Mule reference come from? Our name springs from the integration “donkey work” that our platform was created to escape. The new platform delivered hybrid benefits that combined the strength of a donkey to haul the heavy workload with the speed of a racehorse to get it done quickly.

When it came to a name, Mule was a natural choice. As a sure-footed hybrid between a donkey and a horse, a mule perfectly captured the strength and speed of the platform that kicks connectivity into high-gear. Mule in turn evolved into the MuleSoft that industry leaders trust and rely upon today.


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