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The line of code that
started it all

Over a decade ago, founder Ross Mason created a short string of text that pioneered a simple, powerful idea: why crank out custom code over and over when it's faster and more efficient to assemble the right components? Today, over 175,000 developers and leading companies in almost every industry depend on our game-changing platform.

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A world-class industry presence

Since our founding in 2006, we've become a recognized leader in the industry with a host of awards, including:

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Why a Mule?

[We get this all the time]

The "mule" in our name comes from the drudgery, or "donkey work," of data integration that our platform was created to escape. Also, like a mule, we deliver the strength of a donkey to haul the heavy workload, and the speed of a racehorse to get it done quickly. MuleSoft fits the bill.

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