integrating legacy systems

Legacy system modernization solutions

Today’s businesses face a widening divergence between the IT infrastructure demanded by emerging business needs and the infrastructure they’ve built up over generations. The smart enterprise is meeting this challenge head-on, by connecting legacy systems with today’s explosion of endpoints to create a seamless, high-performing organization.

legacy modernization strategies

Unlock legacy systems

Anypoint Platform™enables organizations to rapidly connect legacy assets to SaaS technologies without disrupting existing business processes. In facilitating legacy system access, unlocking the value of trapped data, and minimizing legacy service disruption, MuleSoft’s solutions for legacy system modernization empower developers to be more productive through the power of API-led connectivity.

Eliminate the need for expensive legacy system replacements and deliver successful legacy modernization without a massive SOA stack deployment using the tools your developers are already familiar with (e.g., Eclipse, Maven, Spring, Ant) and a hybrid-ready platform that accelerates your pace of innovation and change.


Legacy system modernization

Unified connectivity

Create lightweight RESTful or SOAP APIs for legacy transports such as file-based applications, FTP, SMTP, or proprietary messaging formats

Unlock legacy systems

Lowest friction

Expose legacy systems as services quickly and securely to better leverage current IT investments

SOA and Legacy Modernization


Address immediate integration challenges while establishing a backbone for future SaaS and enterprise mobility initiatives