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Enable SOA Integration Across Your Organization

Facilitating Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) infrastructure across your business is vital to ensure seamless integration between systems, services, and applications. SOA integration is essential to transforming your IT system into a high performance, intuitive, and cost effective environment. With the help of MuleSoft, businesses can utilize Mule ESB, the leading integration platform for connecting applications, to enable SOA in their organization.

The SOA Challenge

SOA has an interesting history; being both widely praised and widely dismissed. SOA offerings provide a solid solution to the problem of complex architecture and code redundancies, enabling efficient interoperability between systems, applications, and services. By shifting the practice of internal application towards the creation of reusable components called services, SOA projects allow enterprises to be more simple and agile.


The problem with SOA emerged not from flawed technology, but because businesses incorrectly structured their SOA offerings. Service Oriented Architecture was being launched in a “top-down” approach, leading to numerous problems across the enterprises it was intended to help. Because of the rip and replace method of top-down SOA, entire systems were replaced over a long rollout process; a process which became incredibly time consuming, taking years to complete. Moreover, with the excessive amount of training and ongoing maintenance costs, top-down SOA became increasingly expensive. Lastly, the vendor-specific nature of SOA stacks restricted organizations from having the flexibility to employ general IT specialists, and instead forced them to hire expensive vendor-specific SOA specialists. With all these disadvantages, SOA no longer efficiently resolved the challenges it set out to address.

Mule as an ESB Addresses SOA Challenges

Mule Enterprise Service Bus tackles the problem of SOA with a “bottom-up” approach. With a bottom-up method, companies are able to implement a new infrastructure incrementally rather than by ripping and replacing - a process proving to be vital to success.

With a robust Enterprise Service Bus such as Mule backing your business, enabling SOA integration has never been easier. 

An ESB for the Modern Enterprise

Mule as an ESB is an integration platform well suited for a bottom-up approach to SOA . The open platform, easy-to-use tooling and multi-language support prevents vendor lock-in and enables developers to be up in running days not weeks.  This gives your business the flexibility it needs to build any SOA project.

Scalable and Available

Mule as an ESB also provides your SOA solution the scalability and high availability needed to take on the most mission-critical applications. Utilizing Mule to build your service-oriented architecture allows you to guarantee the reliability of your application, fine-tune Mule for high-performance use cases, and scale according to your business needs.

Anypoint Connectors

SOA integration is further simplified with MuleSoft Anypoint™ connectors. With repeatable integration solutions, your business can create instant connectivity between on-premises and cloud applications. Employing Mule allows businesses to utilize a number of repeatable integrations, simplifying complex architectures and eliminating code redundancies. With connectors providing instant connectivity, SOA integration transforms your infrastructure.


Mule’s edge caching technology was designed for high-performance use cases. Mule as an ESB can handle even the toughest situations, and has been proven to handle over 10,000 transactions per second.

Lightweight and Cost-effective

Because Mule is lightweight and flexible, SOA integration is simplified.  Mule can take on more transactions on less hardware than competitors, resulting in lower costs. Most importantly, because Mule as an ESB is so easy to use, any Java developer can be productive quickly, saving your business the cost of training and hiring new developers.

Lower Risk

Implementing Mule as an ESB incrementally is a much lower risk option than traditional “rip and replace” methods. Furthermore, with access to source code, you will always have the ability to support your applications.

Enterprise Security

Protect your SOA infrastructure end-to-end with Mule Enterprise Security. Safeguard against unauthorized access, unwanted data exposure, and unwelcome attacks through proactive threat management.

Mule Enterprise Service Bus provides a lightweight approach to SOA integration. Mule as an ESB allows businesses to enable the creation and orchestration of services without an application server or other infrastructure components. 

Mule as an ESB For SOA Integration

Mule as an ESB provides an ideal approach to SOA integration. Mule is particularly well suited to get your enterprise up and running quickly, all the while laying down a stable foundation to enable full SOA infrastructure adoption in the future. By doing this, Mule not only addresses existing integration challenges, it provides the tools and foundation to take on future challenges which may arise. 

The lightweight and flexible solution removes the complexity of integration, allowing your organization to focus on the things that matter most, and less time on things that don’t. Plus, because Mule as an ESB offers familiar and easy to use tools, any Java developer can quickly be productive with Mule - saving you money in training and developer costs. Moreover, with Anypoint™ Service Registry, it's easy to follow SOA Governance best practices, ensure a high quality of service, and enforce policies and contracts. 

MuleSoft is trusted by leading businesses to aid in a bottom up SOA integration and enables over 1,600 organizations in more than 60 countries to build application networks that increase the clock speed of business. MuleSoft’s award-winning customer service will assist your organization in identifying and evaluating SOA challenges to develop an architecture to help you succeed.

Learn more about Mule as an ESB or contact us today to speak to someone about SOA Integration. If you're interested in learning more about SOA, download our SOA whitepaper

Also, if you're interested in learning more about SOA Governance best practices, watch this informative webinar: