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ServiceNow: Connect and scale enterprise service management

Across industries, companies are leveraging enterprise service management platforms like ServiceNow to become fully digital businesses, bringing everyday processes and workflows online. From customer requests to IT incidents and HR cases, each of these actions traditionally moved according to their own unstructured or undocumented paths, navigating between humans, machines, and different lines of business as each owner saw fit.


But as fast-growing companies swell to tens of thousands of employees, customers, and partners, individual functions have become overwhelmed with requests for information, from payroll to benefits, compliance, and beyond. The sheer volume of requests can slow or hold progress, even with dedicated staff onboard performing these repetitive, transactional activities. This created the need for modern digital workflows, enabling employees and customers to get what they need when they need it.

How ServiceNow bolsters productivity

ServiceNow delivers IT, employee, and customer services, or workflows, on a single enterprise cloud platform, the Now Platform. What started as an IT service management (ITSM) application – centralizing and automating common IT help-desk tasks – has evolved into an enterprise service management (ESM) platform, providing service management to every domain in the modern enterprise that includes IT, HR, facilities, finance, and other services.

ServiceNow’s Now Platform provides a user-friendly digital foundation, enabling the average employee to self-serve, streamline cross-functional processes, and even apply AI to automate workflows. The Now Platform goes beyond simply acting as a forum for submitting requests — every branch or team working on these issues can prioritize, find the root cause of any given issue, get real-time insight, and drive action to get results. By defining digital workflows and building operational models around them, users significantly increase productivity.

Connect ServiceNow to anything with MuleSoft

Integration is a strategic imperative for today’s digital businesses. In extending ServiceNow across the enterprise, users must connect with many third-party systems. Further, as businesses automate an increasing number of service-oriented tasks, activities, and workflows, their integrations must become more sophisticated.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform connects ServiceNow to all ESM and enterprise applications — whether they are in the cloud or behind your firewall. Anypoint Platform allows users to extend ESM capabilities to SaaS applications, from Salesforce and SAP to Workday and Microsoft.

MuleSoft is also a certified ServiceNow partner, signifying that the integrations built on Anypoint Platform have successfully completed a set of defined tests focused on integration interoperability, security, and performance. The certification ensures best practices are utilized in the design and implementation of ServiceNow-MuleSoft integrations.

The ServiceNow connector by MuleSoft facilitates connections between ServiceNow and numerous applications, systems, and services, on-premises and in the cloud, enabling joint customers to better automate business processes, shorten development cycles, and maximize their ServiceNow investment. With MuleSoft’s 120+ pre-built connectors to top CRM, HCM, ERP, and SaaS applications, users can streamline ESM across the enterprise and replace costly custom point-to-point integrations on one integration platform.

Additional ServiceNow connector capabilities include:

  • Access to standard tables in the ServiceNow database, enabling users to perform operations like Insert, Delete Record, Delete Multiple, Update, Get, Get Keys, and Get Record.
  • Data replication, application integration, and data migration, thereby allowing businesses to sync ServiceNow data and extend ITSM capabilities to SaaS and on-premises applications like Salesforce, SAP, Workday, and Dynamics.
  • Fully merge various domains in an organization like HR, legal, procurement, operations, marketing, and facilities department.
  • Instant API-led connectivity with the ServiceNow API, allowing users to quickly and easily interface with ServiceNow from within Anypoint Platform.
  • Act as an Incident Management System or Ticketing System. Applications send quick alerts by creating incidents or tickets when something goes wrong, resulting in requests or assign requests to the appropriate groups or people.

There are also several ready-to-use templates created on Anypoint Platform for ServiceNow. Anypoint Templates are designed to make it easier and faster to go from a blank canvas to a production application and can be ramped up to an enterprise’s need. ServiceNow templates include:

MuleSoft provides the proven ability to connect ServiceNow to other critical business systems much faster and can scale quickly when complex integration is critical to customers’ implementations. To learn more, visit our ServiceNow integration solutions page.