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Salesforce integration

What is Salesforce integration?

Salesforce integration is the process of connecting Salesforce CRM and Cloud instances to each other or to other enterprise systems, such as ERP or SaaS applications. With API-led integration, Salesforce data can fuel analytics, provide customers with better services, reduce inefficiencies, and provide insights for decision making.

How to integrate Salesforce with your applications:

Getting started with Salesforce integration

Companies that use MuleSoft for Salesforce integration build applications and integrations 57% faster. Kickoff your integration journey with these resources:

MuleSoft Anypoint Salesforce Connector


While Salesforce is home to customer data, SAP ERP is the central hub for an organization’s product data. Learn how to integrate your SAP ERP and CRM systems:

MuleSoft SAP S/4HANA Connector: Product Spotlight

Oracle ERP

It's essential for employees to have access to ERP product data and Salesforce customer data. Learn how to integrate Salesforce and Oracle ERP

Oracle Siebel

Many businesses are looking to move from on-premise CRM solutions to cloud-based CRM systems. Learn how to integrate data from Oracle Sibel CRM to Salesforce:


With Salesforce for Outlook integration, employees have greater access to the customer data they need. Learn how to integrate Salesforce for Outlook:


Companies can track bugs and agile project management tickets in JIRA. Connect customer tickets in Salesforce and service tickets in JIRA with MuleSoft’s Atlassian JIRA REST Connector: 


Get a comprehensive view of your customer by integrating Zendesk CRM and Salesforce. See how easy it can be with MuleSoft's Zendesk Connector:


Search Salesforce via your Slack messaging application, create notifications, automate responses, and enable seamless collaboration with MuleSoft’s Slack connector:


Gain actionable insights into your customer and prospect behavior by integrating Tableau and Salesforce CRM. Learn how MuleSoft, Tableau, and Salesforce are better together:


Sync your Salesforce customer cases to service tickets in ServiceNow enabling automated service-oriented tasks, activities, and workflows. Learn how to integrate ServiceNow and Salesforce:


Extend the capabilities of Workday HCM for activities such as recruiting, talent management, core HRM, payroll, benefits, and more with Salesforce integration:

Computer-telephony integration (CTI)

Salesforce CTI enables automated transcriptions of phone calls, call routing, and pop-ups for service and sales agents. Learn how to connect your telephone and computer systems to your Salesforce instances:


Amazon Web Services has a wide range of offerings, such as cloud computing, storage, notifications, queuing services, and more. Learn how to connect Salesforce to various Amazon Web Services:


Integrate your MongoDB database with Salesforce using MuleSoft’s MongoDB Connector:


Build integrations from Salesforce to CAQH to enable self-reporting and share a wide range of demographic and professional information with healthcare providers:


Streamline business processes and move data between Kafka and Salesforce with MuleSoft’s Kafka Connector:


The power of Salesforce integration

Learn how BMW unlocked data from Salesforce Service Cloud using MuleSoft, enabling their service agents to gain deeper customer understanding, and scale faster with a single customer view.

BMW digital transformation customer story - MuleSoft

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