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Integrate Tableau and Salesforce

Tableau is an analytics and business intelligence (BI) platform that addresses one of the biggest challenges in software: making databases and spreadsheets understandable to ordinary people. When integrated with Salesforce, the world’s No. 1 CRM platform, line of business owners across sales, marketing, operations, channel teams, and executives can understand who their customers are, what they need, and how they interact with each touchpoint in the business.

Salesforce-Tableau integration enables self-service BI


Integrating Tableau with other core business systems like Salesforce CRM, SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP), and Marketo are essential to gaining actionable insights into customer and prospects’ behavior. With MuleSoft’s Salesforce and Tableau integration, a marketing manager can access a live dashboard to track pipeline in the room at every event and understand how they are converting at each stage of the funnel. A Sales manager can understand the specific buyers she needs to engage in a deal to ensure the highest-probability win rate. Operations managers can use business intelligence to inform their business strategy and budget allocation for the coming fiscal year.

Enabling line of business owners to access their own analytics and even build their own dashboards without the support of IT makes businesses more productive, more intelligent, and more profitable. In the same way that Apple taught consumers “There’s an app for that,” IT teams can teach employees and partners that “There’s an API for that.” When the need arises for a new digital function, such as the ability to connect to a backend system to leverage its capability, non-IT teams will learn to browse the API marketplace to see if that data and capability already exists rather than starting from scratch. For instance, analysts could find Tableau data sources for Salesforce CRM and Marketo or developers could find customer data for use in mobile apps.  

API-led integration: Turn data into insights across the organization

Having your data in one place and available in real time for analysis is crucial. With cloud integration, businesses can easily manage their data analytics applications to work efficiently with other systems via an integration platform, providing usable business intelligence rapidly.

With an API-led integration platform, users are able to develop repeatable integration applications and connect to third-party apps on-premises or in the cloud. The integration apps are easily configurable to meet the specific needs of a business. Moreover, by leveraging an array of cloud connectors, businesses can have instant API connectivity to integrate their SaaS applications rapidly - in days, not weeks. The integration apps span various applications, connecting and automating important business processes. Cloud integration allows all your data analytics to be in one place and accessible through one interface in real time.

Tableau and Salesforce integration is just the beginning

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