Oldcastle Utilizes Hybrid Integration Platform to Enable Agility

To increase the quality of customer service and ensure their place as the leading manufacturer for the next 10 years, Oldcastle Precast had to standardize on technology across the company to streamline operations and set the company up for future success. 

With new investments in cloud technologies and 200+ active on-premises applications, they needed to be able to connect applications both in the cloud and on-premises. Additionally, Oldcastle was moving increasingly to the cloud and wanted their integration platform to be cloud-based as well. Oldcastle needed a hybrid integration platform to meet the full spectrum of their needs. 

Download this case study to learn how:

  • A hybrid integration platform enabled greater business agility
  • Oldcastle Precast saw a 4x increase in productivity
  • The company boosted their speed of innovation and delivery of integrations

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