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Prescription for disruption

How APIs can power digital transformation and accelerate IT innovation in healthcare.
Read this ebook on how APIs can power digital transformation and accelerate IT innovation in healthcare

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Gartner names MuleSoft a Leader and a Visionary

Read why MuleSoft was recognized for EiPaaS and API Management.
Download complimentary copies of the Gartner Magic Quadrant reports to learn why MuleSoft was named a Leader and a Visionary.


Integration, Interoperability, and the Future of Healthcare

Read how unlocking clinical data will drive improved patient outcomes.
Read this article about integration, interoperability, and the future of healthcare.

Connect siloed systems to strengthen patient relationships and reduce costs.

Provide optimal, personalized patient care.

Securly unlock and integrate data from core systems of records to achieve a 360, real-time view of your patient's data.

Improve referral management and care coordination.

Get your patients in front of the right clinicians efficiently to improve outcomes across the continuum.

Drive seamless patient experiences.

Extend and integrate patient data across clinical and non-clinical systems and applications to increase patient engagement and employee satisfaction.

Personalize patient care and outreach

Connect with your patients.

Collect and unify data for a personalized experience to both attract and retain patients.

Promote your brand and retain patients.

Deliver omni-channel campaigns targeting B2B and B2C audiences to accelerate acquisitions

Curate effective patient journeys.

Use segmented data to personalize patient journeys on their preferred channels, boost engagement, and measure marketing effectiveness.

Personalize patient care and outreach
Scale patient access and services

Scale patient access and services

Personalize interactions with a holistic view.

Connect the care experience on one platform for a comprehensive view of patients, inform expert responses, and tailor interventions.

Accelerate time to care with automated, self-service tools.

Ensure efficient patient care with tools that confirm benefits, schedule care, and complete activities.

Improve team alignment and patient engagement.

Increase productivity and streamline care coordination by giving staff actionable insights with real-time analytics.

UCSF customer story

Customer story

UCSF Medical Center provides healthy communication for their medical care teams.

“The solution we have developed together has made a tremendous difference to how our patient care teams interact with one another. Increasing the flow of rich information in real time will ultimately improve patient outcomes.”

See the story

Turnkey connectivity for Salesforce, powered by MuleSoft.

MuleSoft direct for Health Cloud

Coming soon

MuleSoft Direct for Health Cloud

Easier to implement

Empower the business to enable integrations in Health Cloud that developers can customize using Anypoint Platform.

Faster time to value

Use pre-built solutions in FHIR-standard for Customer 360 initiatives and business critical operations to accelerate time to value.

Lower cost

Start smaller and faster while still benefiting from the full power of MuleSoft to build on our foundation as your needs evolve.

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