Patient 360: Epic EHR/EMR integration with MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare

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Yogesh Dhimate
Sr. Manager, Solution Management - HLS, MuleSoft


MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare provides customers a simpler, faster way to develop a 360-degree view of their patients by exposing critical information from their EHR(s) to other applications like Salesforce Health Cloud. This accelerator enables connectivity via HL7 V2 and FHIR protocols.

In this demo, see how one healthcare provider can sync patient information from EPIC to Salesforce Health Cloud to provide a better patient experience and faster care coordination. 

Yogesh Dhimate: (00:08)

Hi. To showcase the solution for healthcare providers, meet Camila. Camila recently decided to move to Ann Arbor to be closer to her family. After experiencing frequent thirst, dry mouth, and blurred vision, she visited Mythical's healthcare facility. After her diagnosis of diabetes, she has relied heavily on Google, Facebook, and Instagram to manage her condition. Now she's looking for a referral to enroll in a diabetes education program. So she calls Mandy. Mandy is a contact center agent at Mythical Healthcare. There is a lot of information Mandy needs to track. It includes special information, tasks and to-dos, scheduling protocols, and clinical details. She needs a single repository for everything to access, to resolve patient inquiries. Mandy is happy to help Camila. Mandy tries to look up Camilla's record in Health Cloud schedule coordination app, but she's not able to locate it. Since Camila confirmed that she already visited Mythicals facility a few days ago, Mandy looks up her record in Mythical's electronic medical record system, Epic.

Yogesh Dhimate: (01:28)

She uses this little app powered by MuleSoft to fetch Camila's latest my card and clicks on it. Now Mandy can quickly bring Camila's latest information in health cloud by clicking on the sync button. After Mandy clicks on the sync button, a process API, running on MuleSoft, brings all of Camila's information in Health Cloud. Once the information is in Health Cloud, Mandy opens the record and submits a care management referral for her diabetes education. In the next few days, Camila will receive a call to attend diabetes education class. Mandy doesn't have to flip through multiple screens to give the best patient experience. She could easily submit a referral for Camila. And next time, when Camila calls, all of her information is already available in health cloud for future care coordination needs. All of this is made possible using the APIs deployed on MuleSoft. With MuleSofts API-led architecture, consisting of Epic system API, Health Cloud system API, and patient sync process API, Mythical healthcare can launch new patient experiences very quickly.

Yogesh Dhimate: (03:04)

The Epic system API, Health Cloud system API, and patient sync process API are provided as part of MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare. MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare provides a collection of building blocks like API specifications, implementation templates, and reference architecture. These assets add risky interoperability use cases like patient 360 to surface data from EHR into health cloud using HL7v2 and FHIR. The patient access API and provider directory APIs to meet CMS interoperability needs. As well as the complete FHIR R4 library, which contains common data types, FHIR resources and HL7v2 to FHIR converter. With the assets provided in healthcare accelerator and native support from Salesforce he

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