Intro to Anypoint Partner Manager (B2B)

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With the expanding global partner and trading ecosystem, EDI no longer meets the efficiency standards needed for B2B transactions. Individual APIs have become a placeholder, but limit IT’s ability to manage numerous B2B integrations and connect backend systems, like ERP and OMS. Businesses need a simplified solution to partner management and on-boarding.
Anypoint Partner Manager extends the power of Anypoint Platform by allowing businesses to perform transactions with their trading partners and suppliers by connecting, transforming, and routing B2B transactions. 
Learn how to:

  • Accelerate partner and supplier onboarding by reusing APIs and partner templates.
  • Gain end-to-end visibility across all B2B transactions and backend integrations on a unified platform to streamline operations.
  • Integrate modern APIs and legacy EDI on one hybrid platform.
Presented by:
Amit Fernandes, Director of Product Management, MuleSoft
Sophia Jiang, Retail & Manufacturing GTM Lead, MuleSoft