Seven habits of highly effective service and API management

Seven habits of highly effective service and API management

A New Enterprise challenge has emerged. With the number of services and APIs growing rapidly, managing them one-off, or via an excel spreadsheet or corporate wiki is unrealistic.

The smartest organizations have found ways to enforce policies, secure connections and scale the deployment of services and APIs across businesses, partners, consumers, devices, cloud applications and legacy systems. In this webinar, Reza Shafi, Director of Product Management for MuleSoft will discuss key elements of successful Service and API Management strategies and demonstrate the next generation of SOA and API governance solutions from MuleSoft.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to leverage your existing SOA investments in the API economy
  • Where to get started with your API strategy
  • Key criteria for selecting an SOA and API Management solution
  • Strategies to overcome service and API security and identity challenges
  • How and why to apply the fundamentals of API first design
Presented by:
Kin Lane, White House Presidential Innovation Fellow at Department of Veteran Affairs
Ed Martin, Deputy Director at UCSF Medical Center and Center for Digital Health Innovation
David Chao, Senior Product Manager at MuleSoft

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