Unique benefits for SOA

Unified connectivity

Connect faster with the only integration platform for SOA, SaaS and APIs agile enough for any use case – from simply extending a legacy system with a lightweight API, to advanced Service Oriented Architecture re-platforming for connectivity.

Lowest friction

Drastically reduce development time with the speed and agility of a highly-flexible design environment, pre-built components for standards-based architecture, and developer-friendly open source tools.


Upgrade SOA frameworks with the flexibility to easily adapt and adopt future technology, integrate heterogeneous systems on-premises or in the cloud and quickly scale to connect additional data sources and devices with no disruption.
  • Mule ESB
  • CloudHub
  • Anypoint Studio
  • Enterprise Management
  • Anypoint Exchange
Mule ESB

Mule ESB is the most widely used integration platform for connecting enterprise applications on-premises and in the cloud. It takes the complexity out of integration, so developers can easily build high-performance, multi-protocol interactions between heterogeneous systems and services.


CloudHub™ is the only integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that securely connects SaaS and on-premises applications with a hybrid deployment option for maximum flexibility. With no hardware to maintain and continuous software updates, CloudHub’s secure multi-tenant platform delivers the benefits of true cloud-based integration.

Anypoint Studio

A single graphical design environment for the Anypoint platform, Anypoint Studio accelerates developer productivity with an easy on-ramp for cloud and on-premises integration and API development. Assemble your integration flow without coding using intuitive drag-and-drop tools or take control using XML markup.

Mule Enterprise Management

Mule Enterprise Management enables granular management of ESB resources such as servers, flows and end-points. Reduce risk and optimize performance with operational control of your infrastructure and in-depth visibility into production environments.

Anypoint Exchange

Explore the complete portfolio of connectors, templates and examples developed by integration experts to help you accelerate application delivery.  Find relevant information, demos, documentation and best practices in one central library.

Flexibility wins for custom e-commerce solutions
eBay’s GSI turned to Mule ESB for a standard service framework to reduce costs while meeting agility and availability needs of a global e-commerce platform.
The prescription for real-time collaboration
UCSF needed a future-proof communication system. MuleSoft helped them lower costs and improve patient care with real-time collaboration and secure data sharing.
Brewing a faster, more flexible ERP solution
Nespresso's ERP system couldn’t keep pace with automated customer orders. See how Anypoint Platform™ delivered faster throughput and high availability.
Digital education in a class of its own
Deakin redefined digital education using Anypoint Platform™ to develop personal portals for 50,000 students plus 4,700 staff and faculty across four campuses.

Legacy modernization

A tremendous amount of business data and processes are tied up in legacy systems that don’t align with emerging technologies. By packaging these assets with an accessible interface, organizations can expose valuable information to new audiences. Anypoint Platform for SOA unlocks mainframes for mobility and SaaS to help IT create competitive advantage.

Next generation SOA

Traditional integration approaches don’t work. SOA suites take years to implement and cost tens of millions dollars, while custom point-to-point code welds systems together in a rigid architecture that makes IT a bottleneck for change. Anypoint Platform for SOA helps companies unlock the value of data in legacy and SaaS systems with APIs that combine loosely coupled assets in breakthrough ways to drive competitive advantage.

SAP integration

SAP, though vital to IT infrastructure, has now been surrounded by best-of-breed solutions and SaaS applications. By integrating SAP to these new endpoints, organizations can fully automate and optimize business processes. Anypoint Platform for SOA connects SAP to anything with certified, secure, and scalable SAP solutions.


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