Digital transformation initiatives in government

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Digital transformation initiatives in government

The public sector is struggling with the adoption of digital transformation initiatives, according to MuleSoft’s Consumer connectivity insights report. This webinar will showcase the essentials of successful digitalization initiatives in the public sector and how Arbetsförmedlingen, the Swedish Public Employment Service, was able to modernize their complex traditional systems and drive value with digital ecosystems and reuse through API-led connectivity

Watch this webinar, co-hosted by MuleSoft, Arbetsförmedlingen, and Redpill Linpro, to learn how Arbetsförmedlingen overcame challenges with their digital transformation initiatives and why culture is a key factor in building a digital ecosystem.

Key takeaways: 

  • How to build an open culture that enables open services.
  • Why digital ecosystems and reusability are the foundation of public sector digital transformation initiatives.
  • What the public thinks about digital experiences in the public sector.
Presented by:
Daniel Hederstedt, Integration Manager, Arbetsförmedlingen
Henrik Gavelli, CEO, Redpill Linpro
Gabriel Rauchenbichler, NE Marketing Lead, MuleSoft