Consumer connectivity insights report

Gain insights on the state of the customer experience

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At the core of a great customer experience is the ability to provide a seamless digital experience across channels. Today, 89% of marketing leaders expect to compete on the basis of customer experience, compared to just 36% four years ago. Customer experiences involve multiple touchpoints, whether it is through mobile, a kiosk, or in-person. The reality, however, is that many organizations are a long way from delivering a connected experience.

Read the consumer connectivity insights report to get outlooks on the customer experience from 8,000 consumers and learn:

  • What are consumer’s current frustrations with organizations when it comes to sharing and accessing information?
  • How does a failure to provide a connected customer experience impact customer loyalty?
  • What role do emerging technologies play in enhancing the customer experience?
  • Are customers willing to share data in order to receive a personalized customer experience?