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Enterprise integration makes hire to retire a reality

It is very common for companies to use best-of-breed SaaS application solutions to perform specialized business functions. In recent study, nearly two-thirds of IT decision makers noted that they now must integrate 50 or more apps into their existing IT systems. Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) like Workday are some of the most widely adopted SaaS applications; the market for HRIS has grown at an incredible rate and will continue to do so in the next few years. 


Implementing a HRIS like Workday as a hire to retire solution requires seamless integration with numerous other SaaS applications. Integrating your systems with Workday provides a single view of employee data across HCM, Financials, ERP, CRM and SCM applications. 

With so many solutions that have to be connected to a HRIS like Workday, organizations need an integration platform that can handle common connectivity needs out of the box (e.g. Workday to Salesforce, or Workday to your legacy ERP), as well as an easy way to connect new systems to your HRIS as new business needs arise. 

Integration is necessary to implement hire to retire 

Integrating a HRIS with all of your existing systems makes hire to retire a reality. You can execute data management between Workday and your legacy systems in real-time or batch. It becomes possible to streamline the management of employee data from HCM applications to back office systems and then utilize that data by connecting your HRIS to custom-built mobile applications. Finally, fully integrating Workday with existing systems and applications can help IT teams automate the provisioning/de-provisioning process, saving time and effort.  

How to connect HR software to the enterprise 

To fully integrate Workday into your existing systems and applications, MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform allows you to connect new applications as necessary and expose legacy systems to extract value from the data they contain. Through an API-led approach to connectivity, connecting new and legacy applications to Workday is as easy as assembling LEGO blocks. And with the drag-and-drop interface available in Anypoint Studio, integrations can be done quickly and easily, without code.

It’s no longer necessary to create costly, custom point-to-point integrations with existing or new systems and HR software; MuleSoft provides an out-of-the-box connector for Workday, which makes creating new integrations easy and fast. In addition, MuleSoft has a Workday certified connector that is fully supported and kept up to date with the Workday API. We also provide access to over 120 other pre-built connectors to top HCM, CRM and financial applications. Organizations can get up and running quickly with pre-built templates for HCM (ex. Workday to SAP Payroll) and IT Service Management (ex. Workday to ServiceNow). Standardized integrations eliminate manual data entry and loss of information, while providing data consistency across systems, which enables hire-to-retire visibility of all employees. 

Get hire to retire visibility on-premises, in the cloud, Or Both

Anypoint Platform provides a model to meet your enterprise integration needs for HR software both in the cloud or on-premises. MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform connects Workday and numerous other enterprise applications, whether they are in the cloud or behind your firewall. Anypoint Platform is available in the cloud through CloudHub as well as on-premises. Both share the same design environment and can connect cloud-based, hybrid and on-premise SaaS applications. Where you choose to manage integrations is up to you.

Employers want a hire to retire solution to improve retention rates and productivity. A fully integrated implementation of Workday can make that happen.

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