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Transform the customer experience by building end-to-end IoT connectivity with Anypoint Platform™ — from real-time inventory monitoring and smart vending machines to wearable fitness trackers and self-order kiosks.

Adopt Anypoint Platform for IoT integrations

Seamless connectivity for IoT

Connect and orchestrate data on IoT devices or with back-end applications using APIs

Speed of delivery

Use open standards, developer-friendly tools, and prebuilt transport protocols, such as AMQP and MQTT, to integrate IoT devices quickly

Future-proof your IoT integrations

Create a flexible IoT architecture and deploy anywhere — on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment

Enabling real-time inventory data to build a connected restaurant

“MuleSoft is the heart of how we make applications talk to each other.” Dave Lenzen Director of Enterprise Applications and Data Services

Buffalo Wild Wings Customer Story - Mulesoft
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Enable connected devices

Transform ordinary devices such as vending machines and billboards into smart, connected devices. Embed Anypoint Platform’s runtime engine, Mule, directly into IoT devices and enable data integration and orchestration directly on the device. Layer RESTful APIs on top of your devices to provide an easy interface for developers to build and interact with new IoT solutions.

Aggregate and orchestrate device data

Deploy Anypoint Platform’s runtime engine as a gateway between IoT devices to capture or generate data from sensors, back-end applications, and other systems that consume the data. The platform communicates via lightweight protocols, such as AMQP and MQTT, and IoT gateways via HTTP — allowing you to connect, manage, and analyze data in a scalable manner.

Aggregate and orchestrate device dataimage
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Connect devices to the back office

Bring devices in distributed locations — such as retail stores, manufacturing warehouses, and health facilities — together. Integrate point-of-sale systems, kiosks, sensors, and more to your back office for a single view of all your devices.

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