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Unilever’s IT team faced numerous challenges, due to their infrastructure size, which encompasses 1,000 applications, 10,000 interfaces, and 500 IT projects per year. Unilever had multiple global teams and was looking to find more efficient solutions to deploy new products and services.

Unilever set about creating a best-of-breed platform for eCommerce that unifies their portfolio of multiple brands on a common operating model. MuleSoft was adopted to enable the connectivity between the eCommerce platform’s multiple tools (NetSuite, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and others) and to access key on-premise systems such as SAP. In addition, their “adaptive integration” team took an API-led approach to remove bottlenecks and support line-of-business innovation.

Using API-led connectivity and Anypoint Platform, Unilever’s teams created a network of reusable services, enabling self-service across various brands. MuleSoft successfully supported the six-month launch of a newly acquired pure play eCommerce entity. For customers, this means a unified experience across Unilever’s products; and for Unilever this translates to having a single view of the customer. Today, deployment for new initiatives is 3-4 times faster — dropping from months to days.

Learn more by watching the Dreamforce 2018 Integration Keynote, and hear from Jane Moran, Unilever Global CIO, and Reema Jain, Unilever IT Director, on the global giant’s journey with APIs and MuleSoft.