Customer Spotlight: TRC Companies

Customer Spotlight: TRC Companies

In this time of tremendous global challenge and continued transformation, we want to help our customers stay connected. We’ve created the Customer Spotlight series for technologists, executives, and those in between.

Join us for this spotlight with Scott Igoe, IT Director at TRC Companies, where we will discuss how MuleSoft serves as a critical foundation to TRC’s Advanced Energy go-to-market strategy with their Captures Platform. TRC has realized significantly greater business value and savings through an API-led approach, including reusing API assets to set up new clients faster, and seeing results such as an 80% improvement in development time and $3.7M of value achieved.

During the session, Scott will speak to how MuleSoft’s flexible and enterprise-grade platform has enabled core use cases such as customer onboarding, legacy modernization, and introducing multiple new products and services at an accelerated rate.

The goal of this session is to provide you with:

  • The opportunity to learn how other customers are leading their organizations to respond to rapidly evolving stakeholder needs
  • How MuleSoft allows TRC to have a strategic data model, achieve API-reuse (50% faster than before) across the enterprise, and approach to drive standardization and scalability
  • Walk away with actionable insights on how to drive the same business benefits as TRC by modeling an API-first approach within your enterprise architecture

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Presented by:

Scott Igoe, IT Director, TRC Companies
Jen Musbach, Account Executive, MuleSoft

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