Customer Spotlight: Choice Hotels

Customer Spotlight: Choice Hotels

In this time of tremendous global challenge and continued transformation, we want to help our customers stay connected. We've created the Customer Spotlight series for technologists, executives, and those in between.

In this segment of our Customer Spotlight series, hear from Todd Reeser, Senior Director of Software Engineering at Choice Hotels, as we discuss the limitation of building custom code project-over-project, and how to increase IT efficiency and accelerate ROI with MuleSoft. In addition, Todd will share how MuleSoft’s enterprise-grade platform enables Choice Hotels to have a strategic data model and rapidly execute on use cases, including Centralized Direct Billing, 3rd-party Salesforce integration, and more.

Join us to learn how Choice Hotels leverages MuleSoft to drive standardization, scalability, and achieve significant cost savings in the organization by:

  • Accelerating project delivery times
  • Reusing APIs and integrations from previous projects
  • Leveraging MuleSoft's out-of-the-box connectors
  • Reducing significant time spent customizing API monitoring and alerting solutions, and more
Presented by:

Todd Reeser, Senior Director, Software Engineering, Choice Hotels
Mario Russo, Account Executive, MuleSoft

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