Anypoint MQ: Bringing enterprise-class messaging to the cloud

Anypoint MQ: Bringing enterprise-class messaging to the cloud

Increasingly, organizations must act in real time to connect with employees, partners, customers and devices. With Anypoint MQ, MuleSoft customers can address these demands by delivering advanced asynchronous messaging scenarios such as queueing and pub/sub with fully hosted and managed cloud message queues and exchanges.  

In this webinar, Vivin Nath, MuleSoft Product Manager, will show how Anypoint MQ helps you deliver seamless customer experiences across channels and integrate devices reliably for Internet of Things applications with enterprise-class functionality.

Specifically, Vivin will show:

  • Setting up a cloud-based queue or exchange with Anypoint MQ in minutes
  • Sending/receiving messages from any Mule application, cloud or on-premises
  • Delivering persistent data storage across multiple data centers
  • Encrypting data at rest for maximum security
Presented by:
Vivin Nath, Sr. Product Manager, MuleSoft
Aaron Landgraf, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, MuleSoft

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