Unlocking data to transform financial services

Unlocking data to transform financial services

Accessing, aggregating and transforming data is critical whether for creating regulatory reports, understanding the customer, or managing large data sets for predictive analytics. But Financial institutions face significant challenges when unlocking, aggregating and managing data across the enterprise to achieve these strategic business objectives.

Financial services firms must seamlessly share data across applications and devices to become a “connected financial institution,” but are being held back by organizational, geographic and product information silos. This approach no longer works for financial institutions looking to streamline regulatory reporting, monetize customer analytics, and democratize data-driven decision-making.

Join us as we discuss how organizations can address data management challenges and create competitive advantage by unlocking, aggregating and transforming data across on-premise and cloud applications, integrating both batch and real-time information sources to “connect the dots."

  • What are the key challenges compelling firms to undertake data management initiatives?
  • How can firms use prebuilt tools to simplify connectivity to legacy mainframes, departmental databases and third-party data sources?
  • How can integration accelerate data management across regulatory compliance, customer centricity, and big data projects?
Presented by:
Patricia Hines, CTP, Industry Solutions Director Financial Services
Guy Murphy, Principal Solutions Consultant, MuleSoft

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