Deloitte + MuleSoft: Building a competitive differentiator in the digital economy

Deloitte + MuleSoft: Building a competitive differentiator in the digital economy

Enterprise architecture is more important than ever before. Organizations must now evolve their approach to build this as a differentiator in the digital economy

While established organizations are struggling to keep pace with their rigid IT infrastructure, younger companies are more agile as they are unburdened by legacy systems and can take advantage of emerging technologies. MuleSoft’s 2020 Connectivity Benchmark report, which surveyed 800 global IT leaders, found that 85% of enterprises struggle with integration challenges.

Enterprises need to transition from “doing architecture” to delivering value. Deloitte’s 11th annual Tech Trends 2020 report revealed that 42% of executives expect their architects to be more technically-specialized and attuned to the enterprise-wide landscape in the future.

    Key takeaways:

    Deloitte and MuleSoft invite you to a webinar where we will help you:

    • Redefine the roles of your architect to be more collaborative, creative, and responsive to stakeholder needs by balancing business and technology priorities. 
    • Drive agility and speed-to-market by solving your most challenging connectivity problems across applications, data sources, and APIs.
    • Reimagine your digital transformation journey.
    Presented by:

    Cheah Tat Yeong, Director, Deloitte Consulting
    Greg McCreanor, Principal Solutions Consultant, MuleSoft


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