Tcat -- Enterprise Tomcat server

Configuration management

Administrators need an efficient way of modifying configurations (e.g., server.xml or JAVA_OPTS) across multiple Tomcat instances. Tcat provides an easy way to view the configuration files remotely, modify the configuration files and publish them back to the remote Tomcat instance.

For ensuring consistency across multiple servers, you can use Tcat to create a configuration profile — a set of configuration files that can be applied to many Tomcat instances at once. If you are deploying an application that requires a set of drivers and configuration files, you can create a profile for that application with those files and apply the profile to the target server group where the application is to be deployed.

In addition to configuration files, you can also view and modify the environment variables on the machine where Tomcat is running (e.g., JAVA_OPTS, CATALINA_BASE, etc.). Tcat's remote restart capabilities allow the administrator to easily enforce those changes immediately by restarting those remote instances centrally from the console.

View and modify Tomcat configuration & environment settings

Remotely view the current configuration of a Tomcat instance and make required modifications in configuration files and environment variables, eliminating time-consuming remote logins and reducing error-prone manual work

Create configuration profiles to support complex applications

Group drivers and configuration files as a single profile to support a complex application and apply the profile to a server or group

Reliably restart remote Tomcat instances

Restart multiple Tomcat instances centrally from the console with one click