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Model diverse API specifications with speed and quality

Create quality APIs in multiple protocols that your consumers will love. Cut down additional review cycles by validating conformance to governance rules during design.

  • Write API specs in OAS, RAML or AsyncAPI in a guided web interface
  • Generate documentation and code snippets automatically
  • Simulate expected behavior with a shareable mocking service
  • Apply governance rules and validate conformance during design
API designer
Anypoint connectors

Connect to any system

Access and integrate data quickly — no matter where it lives.

  • Integrate with common databases, applications, and other systems of record using hundreds of prebuilt connectors
  • Create your own reusable connectors with a built-in SDK
  • Convert any REST API design spec into a connector automatically

Design, develop, deploy from a single environment

Boost development productivity with API and integration development tools.

  • Design APIs across any specification
  • Test and validate API functionality with built-in mocking service
  • Automatically implement API logic from existing specification
  • Build integrations to connect any app, system, or data together
Anypoint Code Builder screen showing how to encapsulate app functionality into building blocks that can be reused project after project
Anypoint Composer

Empower business teams to automate integration workflows

Enable your business teams to connect apps and data quickly and easily with clicks, not code. That way, they can:

  • Create integrations quickly with an easy-to-use builder
  • Hit the ground running with a growing library of prebuilt connectors
  • Develop integrations with real-time data previews

Test and iterate rapidly

Ensure you’ve built robust code with native testing tools.

  • Implement and run tests faster with a built-in testing framework
  • Generate tests automatically from RAML API design specs
  • Gain visibility into test coverage with one click
Anypoint DataGraph

Serve data from your APIs to developers quickly

Accelerate innovation by consuming many APIs in one request.

  • Create a unified schema of your APIs to democratize data access across your org
  • Run the DataGraph as a SaaS app to reduce overhead and maintenance
  • Consume and reuse multiple APIs in a single GraphQL request to innovate faster

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ASICS Customer story

Customer story

ASICS speeds up development speed by 2.5X

“One of the most difficult parts of development is creating connections. We can waste hours and hours on these tasks. Instead, Anypoint Platform connects all these different systems, making developers' lives easier.”

Phil Connaughton, Director of Engineering, ASICS Digital

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