WebSphere CE vs. Tcat 

WebSphere CE (Community Edition) is IBM’s rebranded and supported distribution of Apache Geronimo, an open source Java EE application server.  Geronimo, like any Java EE application server, needs to fully implement more than 25 different standards to be considered “compliant” with the Java EE Application server specification.  Many of the features required by these standards are rarely used in real-world environments, resulting in bloated servers that are slow, expensive, and complex to maintain.  

When organizations decide to move away from Java EE, they are typically trying to escape this unnecessary Java EE complexity (and the maintenance costs associated with it).  While WebSphere CE is marketed as a lightweight version of WebSphere, in reality, it is simply a forked open source Java EE application server, and is neither lightweight nor related to the Websphere codebase.  

Another confusing aspect of WAS CE is that it does not include enterprise functionality such as the ability to group and manage multiple server instances from a central console, deploy applications to groups of servers, or achieve configuration consistency between multiple server instances.   IBM customers who are looking for this functionality must upgrade to the full WebSphere product, which means a move to a completely different architecture that is notoriously expensive and complex. 

MuleSoft Tcat offers a real lightweight enterprise application server solution.  Starting with 100% Apache Tomcat, with none of the bloat of Java EE,  Tcat adds only key enterprise features required to manage your applications.

MuleSoft's Tcat Vs. IBM WebSphere CE



Websphere CE

Why it matters

Lightweight footprint and easy management

Built on 100% Apache Tomcat– the industry standard in lightweight Java application servers

IBM’s distribution of Apache Geronimo with loaded with the full complement of Java EE technologies

Don’t manage technology components that your web app does not require

Production ready

Tcat’s runtime is Apache Tomcat, a battle-tested product used in production by thousands of organizations. On top of this proven power, Tcat provides key enterprise capabilities to make enterprise Tomcat even more beneficial to your organization.

IBM itself notes that WAS CE is intended for non-critical departmental use only.Click here for more information.

WAS CE is neither proven in – or intended for – production environments. Tcat is a one-two punch of proven Tomcat power and powerful administration tools.

Application diagnostics & monitoring capabilities

Included in Tcat at no additional cost

Requires separate purchase of additional components

WAS CE's add-on solutions for diagnostics and monitoring represent hidden cost and complexity.

Server group management

Organize servers into groups and manage clusters of Tomcat servers together


WAS CE forces you to use one console per server, making it very hard to manage multiple servers.

Advanced deployment

Deploy web applications to one or more Tomcat servers or to group of servers with ease.

Deployment limited to one instance at a time.

WAS CE's lack of enterprise deployment capabilities makes the deployment cycle tedious, and can introduce errors.

Configuration consistency

Using Tcat profiles, you can achieve configuration consistency across your application server groups with a single click


WAS CE is limited to managing one server instance at a time, which makes it very hard to ensure configuration consistency across instances.