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Apache Tomcat is the world's most widely used web application server, with over one million downloads per month and over 70% penetration in the enterprise datacenter. Apache Tomcat is used to power everything from simple one server sites to large enterprise networks.

The following is a collection of Apache Tomcat resources that will help you identify, monitor, troubleshoot and resolve common problems with Apache Tomcat.

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We have gathered a collection of valuable resources for Tomcat developers and administrators, on topics related to Tomcat and Tcat. Here you will find product demos, podcasts, technical whitepapers and product documentation to help you get started with Tcat.

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All about Apache Tomcat

Here's some background information about Apache Tomcat, the world's most popular servlet container!

Ten years of Apache Tomcat and counting

Tomcat originated as a Sun Microsystems project, with the goal of providing an example implementation of Sun's newly created Java Servlet and JSP specifications. Sun developed Tomcat internally through Tomcat 2.x. In 1999, the project was donated to the Apache Software Foundation, where it was developed under the Jakarta project, the Apache group responsible behind the original versions of many widely used top-level projects such as Struts, Ant and Maven. In 2005, members of Jakarta realized that Tomcat had become widely used enough to merit its own top-level project. Since becoming a separate project, Tomcat has been developed through version 6.x. A beta of the next version of the project, Tomcat 7, was released in July 2010.

Why Apache Tomcat?

There are a lot of application servers to choose from, but there's only one Tomcat. Here are a few features that set Tomcat apart from competing solutions.

  • Fast and Light - Tomcat is a lightweight, highly optimized servlet container. When serving JSPs, it outperforms everything around, including other open-source-based projects such as Geronimo and JBoss
  • Flexible and Scalable - Developers love Tomcat because it runs their applications faster. Administrators love Tomcat because it allows them to build bottom-up infrastructures highly customized to their service needs. Tomcat powers everything from simple one server sites to massive multiple cluster enterprise networks
  • Secure - How secure is Tomcat? There's no such thing as perfect security, but perfect track records are a different story - there has never been a single reported case of a Tomcat-related security breach that resulted - Tomcat is developed by a group of dedicated, talented volunteers, many of whom also work in top web technology companies and like all products covered by the Apache License, it's 100% free to use, whether you're using it to build more open source software, or as a part of your proprietary software