Apache Tomcat is a widely used Java application server with over million downloads per month. The wide success of Tomcat is due to its efficient, effective and light weight nature. Tomcat implements a servlet container and JSP, which is what majority of web applications depend on. Tomcat is not burdened by 20+ odd standards that form Java EE standard. As Apache Tomcat is not a Java EE engine, it can continue to stay light weight and meet the needs of web applications. While many other application servers came about in last decade, none have enjoyed the same level of success as Tomcat.

The current version of Apache Tomcat is 7.0 ( latest dot release is 7.0.23) . Apache Tomcat powers numerous mission critical applications across a wide range of industries and organizations.

Installing and configuring Tomcat is quite easy and can often be done under 10-20 minutes. Deploying of web applications to Tomcat is easier as well. While Tomcat itself is simple and easy to use, it is missing several important enterprise features.

As applications are rolled out to groups of multiple production servers,  administrators need the tools to automate and control the application release process, reducing tedious manual work and the errors that often result. In addition, administrators and developers alike both need visibility into detailed performance metrics to pinpoint performance issues before they escalate and to resolve them quickly without relying on guesswork. Please see the links on the right hand side to learn more about Tomcat topics.